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ISBN (English): 9781644618127

eISBN : 9781644618127

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* What are magic, spells and enchantments really? What is the difference between white, black and red magic? What are magical ceremonies for? * What are the different ancient and modern practices, such as voodoo, shamanism, ancient Egyptian ceremonies, etc.? In this book, the author explains with great clarity the characteristics of the main magical traditions and the theoretical principles related to them: the Kabbalah, alchemy, the Rosicrucian doctrine, etc. * What preparation must a true magician have? In this book, you will find all the exercises to strengthen the power of mental concentration and help you face the first magical operations. * How can pentacles and talismans be made that can bring fortune and protect against negative energies? In this book, you will find the necessary explanations about the magic symbols, the moment, the colours and the most appropriate materials to reach the objective.


Lucia Pavesi

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